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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 12, 2013 12:00pm-2:00pm EST

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wilkos show if they find the spe people and get in trouble, they'll end up as guests. thank you, ladies, for your brilliance and wisdom and humor as well. "newsroom international" is next. welcome to "newsroom international." i'm suzanne malveaux. here's what's happening now. things getting desperate on board the cruise ship in the gulf of mexico. 4200 on board. passengers say toilets are overflowing new york air-conditioning, not much food or water. tugboats are towing the ship to mobile, alabama, instead of the port of mexico. it not going to get there until thursday. coming up in a couple of minutes, we'll talk to a man whose wife is stuck on that ship. north korea thumbing its nose at the u.s. and the
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international community by carrying out a new, more powerful nuclear test. is the first one under kim jong-un, press obama calls it a threat to u.s. security and world peace. the first indication of the underground test came when seismologists detected a tremor in an area not known for earthquakes. in his state of the union speech tonight, president obama will announce 34,000 u.s. troops will be home from afghanistan by this time next year. jake tapper, the first to break the news after talking to sources who know about the president's speech. the move's going to cut the number of troops in afghanistan by more than half. troop reductions will continue through the end of next year. so more than 4,000 people if you can imagine this, stuck on this cruise ship, disabled cruise ship. they are hot. they are hungry. they are holding their noses because toilets are overflowing. folks feeling desperate now. the ship is finally on the move.
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you have tugboats towing it to mobile, alabama, originally headed to a port in mexico but strong currents pushed it 90 miles north. want to bring in bret nutt. his wife is on the ship. he's been talking to her. you and i talked yesterday about how bethany is doing. she -- the last go-round yesterday about this time you said she was crying, very discouraged. how is she doing today? when's the last time you had a chance to talk to her? >> well, today i have not actually had a chance to talk to her yet. they can only talk whenever another carnival ship comes up to them. she was very distraught and everything. i mean i just -- i don't know. i haven't heard back from her. i do know that we got the news last night that they were going to be bringing them into mobile, alabama. so that had to make her feel better because she didn't want to be stuck in mexico any longer than what she necessarily had
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to. >> describe for us the conditions because i know you had a chance to talk to bethany yesterday a couple times, perhaps one late in the day. how did she describe what was happening there? i understand the odor alone is getting to her and many others on board. >> the odor is so bad that i mean it's making them sick. i mean, they're vomiting and stuff on the boat. just from the odor. he she said they can't hardly sleep at night because of the smell is in the rooms and everything. she said they've been hanging out under the balcony trying to escape the odor and stuff. there's feces all over the floor and everything, and water all over the floor. she said it's just horrific. >> brent, what does she say they're telling her, in terms of what time they're going to -- this nightmare, when this is going to end. what time they're going to get into safety to land on thursday? >> just some time on thursday. but nobody really, really knows
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anything. carnival, i mean, they've lie sod much through this whole process that i mean you really cannot believe what they tell you until they actually land. >> what have they told her? >> well, i mean they haven't really, really told them anything at all. they keep telling us the tugboats will be here at this time. they'll be here at this other time, and they never, ever arrive when they're supposed to. so i mean all of their time frames have not added up at all. >> we'll get that side of the story as well. brent, tell us, is she eating anything, drinking anything in any food or water on board? >> i know that yesterday all they had was a peanut butter in, jelly sandwich and bottle of water. >> is that coming from the kca a cafeteria? are that's stuff other ships are giving to them to give to other people. but more or less it's a first come, first served kind of deal.
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the first person gets a lot of food. well, the last person, he might not get quite so much. so people are hoarding food and fighting over it because i mean it's a shortage. >> when you say people are fighting over the food, did britney give you any sense of like if people are getting along or are they really taking stuff from each other? is it getting violent? >> she didn't necessarily say if it was getting violent. she said people, they were arguing over food because i mean certain people, they were hoarding as much food as possible and i mean, it's not being evenly distributed in between all of the other people. so i mean, the people at the back of the line, they see other people eating, you know, two, three sandwiches and they only get one. so i guess it makes them kind of angry. >> is there any way to bathe at all? >> no. there's no bathing at all or anything. at least as of yesterday, there was running water but from what
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i'm told majority of other water was running on the floor and the toilets were overflowing and coming out of the walls. so my knowledge, no, there's been no bathing. did she tell you -- you said there was another ship that managed to get close so she was able to get communication. is she actually able -- are they able to get off that ship and board another ship if they wanted to? >> to my knowledge, no. they're not allowing them. there's been two other times ships had came up to them to bring them food, but, no, they're not able to leave their ship and get on to the other one. >> did she have any idea when she's going to be able to communicate with you again? the last go-round she ran out of cell phone power and she had to charge it or get close to another ship to charge the phone. any sense of charging the phone and get back to you anytime soon? >> she's only able to call whenever -- whenever another carnival ship brings food out there to them.
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they're getting cell phone service off other ships that are coming up there and so then i mean whenever they bring them more food i guess is when i'll be getting a phone call. yesterday it was around 12:30 noon but i had not heard back since. >> we wish her the very best. we'll keep up with you to find out what's going on, the latest, as soon as you reach her, get on the line and we'll talk to you more about the latest. of course it's a really tough situation that they're in. thanks for filling us in. we'll head to the korean peninsula where north korea is raising the stakes in its nuclear showdown with the world. we're talking about north korea announcing it set off a new underground nuclear test that happened today. the state-run news agency says it was more powerful than the two previous tests carried out in 2006 and 2009. so world leaders, of course, quickly condemning this.
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anna coren live from seoul, south korea. specifically tell us how this test is different that what we have seen before out of north korea. >> reporter: suzanne, this was a successful test, according not -- >> we -- >> reporter: -- it managed to conduct that -- >> you know what? we have a bad signal. we'll have to get back to anna coren and the latest. i want to talk about this. who is behind this, it is the leader trying to build up his image as a tough guy, as the country's young leader. talking about kim jong-un. appears to be following in his father's footsteps talking tough against the united states as well as the west. trying to flex his muscle a little bit by building up the country's military and keeping the folks there isolated. so i want to talk to michael holmes about this because, michael, we've seen his father, of course, starved his own people, built up ace huge
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military. now you've got the son who seems as if he's got something to prove. how significant tis when you look at this kind of test, the underground test done today? >> that's a very good point. partly why he's doing what he's doing, to separate himself from his dad, be his own man if you like. i think you could call it hubris, call it tactical. he wants to be the tough guy in front of his people and in front of the world. the guy standing up to the u.s. and the u.n., the evil ones on the youtside who want to do in north korea. there is a tactical side in the military sense. if he wants to build a nuclear weapon small enough to fit on a missile they need to do this testing. what worries the west whether it's being done with uranium or plutonium. if it's uranium they could have a nuclear program that could go on and on and on because he has uranium. he doesn't have a lot of plutonium. he also wants to be seen to be tough to be getting concessions, too, from the west, be it food, aid, standing in the
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international community in the neighborhood but it's backfiring because he's getting more sanctions and annoying his good mate in the neighborhood, china, who said don't do this and he did it. they can turn off the oil and then he's in trouble. >> how is he changing his country? his father was eccentric, wore platform shoes and his own people were starved. the son's hanging out, got an amusement park. the woman -- the mystery woman we know is his wife, very different when it comes to their own society there. he's trying to be open, right? >> he's trying to appear that way in front of his people. the video of him with his wife at the amusement park that came out of a lot of rumor who is this woman. that was her coming out if you like, as being the wife. he wants to be seen as a man of the people. he wants to be seen as somebody who isn't a recluse like list dad was. this is a guy educated in switzerland. he's got a sense of the outside world but behaving in a bizarre
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way. the nuclear tests what good can come from this? that's the question everybody's asking unless he wants to build a nuclear weapon and that worries everyone. more for "newsroom international." you know, of course, there's silverman, the funny foul-mouthed comedian but you might not know her sister who's a rabbi standing up for women's rights one of the most holy places in the middle east. she was detained for that. later, it's "les miz," korean style. ♪ >> it is a video going hyper viral online right now. [ female announcer ] your smile.
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then you're going to love this. right now they're only $14.95! wow-a grt deal just got a whole lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last. here are some of the stories making news around the world now. a day after pope benedict shocked the world announcing he's stepping down in two weeks a spokesman reassured the pope does not have any kind of disease that forced his resignation. the pope is resigning because he does not feel he has the strength to continue. the vatican says a new pope
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should be in place by easter. and for those who believe in signs from above, check this out. incredible picture of lightning, yes, striking the vatican. a news photographer captured this eerie moment last night during a bad storm hours after the pope announced his resignation. lightning hit the dome of the st. peters basilica two times but the photographer caught it just once. incredible picture, though, however. egypt, you'll have trouble finding the latest trending on youtube videos because a judge now is ordering the site off-line for egyptians. only for a month. this is a ban, punishment for carrying anti-islam video. a controversial movie trail for a film called "the innocents of muslims" it touched off riots last september and started in cairo. in texas, rainy send-off for a fallen hero. former navy s.e.a.l. and
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celebrated sniper chris kyle laid to rest in austin after 200-mile funeral procession from his hometown. kyle and his friend chad littlefield shot to death by an iraqi vet they befriended. yesterday at cowboys stadium, kyle's widow spoke through tears about losing the love of her life. >> there's something only god and i have known for a long time, god worked through you to make me into the woman i am supposed to be. it is state of the union speech tonight, president obama will announce that 34,000 u.s. troops will be home from afghanistan by this time next year. our jake tapper was the first to break the news. he's joining us from washington. and fareed zakaria in new york to talk about the state of the
12:17 pm
union address. jake, it's great to see you. as always, breaking some news from the white house. you've been doing that for years. nice to see you. one of the things that struck me when i was in afghanistan with the troops for 9/11 is that they're all about training the afghan troops as soon as possible so they can leave. what do you make of this announcement for the president tonight? >> i think it certainly ramps up the pressure on the leaders of afghanistan, specifically the military leaders, the afghan national army, the afghan border patrol. these individuals will have fewer american troops to patrol with them, to lead them, and that's i guess the purpose of it, to ramp up pressure to make sure the afghans are ready to take control for security in their own country. i will say, when i was in afghanistan in 2011 one of the big concerns from troops and officers there with whom i spoke was not so much whether or not the afghan soldiers and security officials would be ready, but whether there was enough --
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whether there was enough logistical support, whether or not the nonsexy part of military operations, the resupplies, medevacs making sure troops have enough food, water, ammunition, whether that was going to be up to speed. and from what i understand, that is still an area of concern though it's not spoken about all that much. >> what do you make of the fact that you'll hear from the president and a lot of folks are very much worried about their own lives, jobs, state of the economy. are people really paying attention now still to the war in afghanistan? >> reporter: not at all, as far as i can tell. you know, this war, and the war in iraq, have really been outsourced, no small way, to 1% of the population and very few americans are engaged in any serious way with those wars. we have a small number of people doing impossible work far away from their loved ones. loved ones here at home going
12:19 pm
through very, very difficult times. but most of the country's pretty unaware. i should say there's a new poll indicating that ending the war in afghanistan is very popular, 71% say they support ending the war in afghanistan. that number goes up to 79% if you say president obama has proposed ending the war in afghanistan, do you favor the policy. with president obama behind it, there's actually more support for ending the war. so i suspect this will be received warmly by the public at large, not necessarily by members of the u.s. military some of whom have concerns about leaving early and telegraphing the number of troops leaving. i shouldn't say so early. this early. they do not believe it should end. it's certainly been america's longest war. >> fareed, i want to talk about what we've seen, breaking news, north korea announcing it's carried out this underground nuclear test, really the most powerful one yet, and still you look overseas, you've got egypt very much in turmoil after the
12:20 pm
arab spring. what are you listening for tonight when it comes to foreign policy? >> well, in foreign policy i think the point jake has made and broken is probably the most important one. i doubt very much you'll hear much about north korea. there will be a condemnation, i imagine. we've been through this, watched this dance before. new leader comes into north korea, needs to show his stuff, needs to consolidate the -- his support with the military, which is the backbone of the military dictatorship, so they do something provocative like this. everyone condemns it. chinese will condemn it but they're the only country who can do anything about it because north korea's the most isolated country in the world and china doesn't want it to collapse. though china provides it with energy and food, it's not going to do anything. so obama doesn't have much actionable he could talk about. with regard to iran, they feel as though they've got the pressure on iran. they are watching to see what happens. and i don't think there's going
12:21 pm
to be much percentage in talking a great deal about situations that are unfolding. this is going to be a speech about the domestic economy and about jobs, foreign policy i think will play a marginal role. >> talk about the economy. on the president's watch we know that the country now added 1.2 million jobs since he took office but it's not creating enough jobs fast enough to sustain the strong recovery. you see the housing market coming back, the stock market is rallying. how much can this president really do in the next four years to get the economy going again? how much is it actually bent on what happens overseas? >> he could do a lot. we are actually -- in good shape compared with europe, compared with japan. what this president should do is try to enlist congress in recognizing that with borrowing costs at historical lows, would we need to do is rebuild america and gain jobs this that process and allow the economy to get to a kind of escape philosophy. if the president were to announce he has a big, new
12:22 pm
infrastructure bank that is going to borrow money, yes, but going to spend it to rebuild america, to invest in the future, to rebuild the bridges and highways, to build a new generation of smart grid, to build a new airport system, new air traffic system, i think the public at large would like to hear that. this is 100th anniversary of the panama canal. people said we could never do something like that. it was the largest and most expensive government project ever but unleashed 100 years of economic trade. so we have to think in those large terms. if we do, we can do things. if we believe we are entirely constrained, we can't do much. >> jake we are learning that staff sergeant clint romesha who you have featured in document y documentaries not attending the state of the union tonight. >> reporter: former staff sergeant told me that it's an
12:23 pm
ain't credible honor to be invited as guest of the first lady but after accepting the invitation, doing soul searching he decided he'd rather spend that time with his fellow troops and with his family. today's his and his wife, tammy, 13th wedding anniversary. he wants to be with her, with their extended family and a lot of the guys who he served not only afghanistan but iraq, guys made the trip here i should say. they had flights donated by american airlines, southwest, jetblue, they had hotels donated by best western, they are here, celebrating with him. they are reunited and decided after soul searching he'd rather spend time with his buddies and family as much as he knows this is an honor. this has always been a guy uncomfortable with the limelight, uncomfortable with having his heroics praised and that makes sense to me. >> you can tell he was
12:24 pm
uncomfortable yesterday. jake, good to see you. fareed, as well. state of the union, president's state of the union tonight on cnn. special coverage at 7:00 p.m. eastern. of course, not just a hot b button issue here, france could get a step closer to making same-sex marriage a reality. not everybody is thrilled necessarily.e! a ha ha! ha ha ha! no no no! not today! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dikembe mutumbo blocking a shot. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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gay rights activists and opponents in the united states watching paris today because the french assembly has just taken an historic step toward recognizing same-sex marriage in that country, despite a lot of opposition. want to bring in hala gorani. french folks, some upset about the legislation. how does this break down? >> well, majority of french people, when polled, in fact, in the latest poll, favor same-sex marriage. 66% according to the last poll, one of the major polling institutions in france, though that support does go down when french people are asked if they support gay adoption. it goes down to 35%, 38% along those lines.
12:28 pm
but legislatively, this was very interesting because the debate surrounding this bill was a marathon debate where you had the socialists party of the current president really hurling insults at the opposition, the conservative party, at each other, throughout several hours dozens of hours of debates with the socialists calling the opposition in some cases prude, out of touch. the reality, though, now is that this law has passed, suzanne, it's going to the senate. it's expected to be passed. and now same-sex couples can get married, can adopt though cannot have the right, quote/unquote to medically assisted procreation such as ivf. you have a few issues that same-sex marriage advocates have missing but overall a victory for them. is this something common in europe or is france a standout? >> france is one of the largest countries now, once it goes to the senate it is approved which is the expectation the uk as well is going to send a law,
12:29 pm
legislative bill, legalizing same-sex marriage to the upper house. let's take a look at the other countries. you have the netherlands where same-sex marriage is legal. belgium, norway, spain. outside europe, argentina, south africa. a group of a dozen countries where same-sex marriage is legal or about to become legal. but you have to remember one thing, and this is very interesting about france in particular. it is still very much a catholic country. you had hundreds of thousands of opponents of gay marriage out in the streets of paris just last month and they are promising more demonstrations at the end of the month of march. yeah, majority of french people favor gay marriage. but you have a very large minority that is staunchly against it. >> we want to watch closely, see if a lot of folks end up getting married. thank you. it is one of the most holy places in the world. now it's become a new battle ground for the war between the sexes. we'll take you to the wailing
12:30 pm
wall, that is where women were just detained for wearing prayer shawls. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card
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welcome back to "newsroom international" where we take you around the world in 60 plintss. a day after pope benedict shock the world announcing he's step down in two weeks a spokesman reassured the public the pope does not have any kind of disease that forced his resignation. the pope is resigning because he does not feel he has the strength to continue on the job. the vatican says a new pope should be in place by easter. about two hours from now in washington, the senate armed services committee will be debating chuck hagel's domination as defense secretary. the vote after they finish talks. harry reid says the full senate could vote on the nomination as early as tomorrow. hagel, former republican senator
12:34 pm
from nebraska, faces strong opposition from fellow republicans. north korea thumbing its nose at the u.s. and the international community by carrying out a new, more powerful nuclear test. it is the first one under leader kim jong-un. president obama calls it a threat to the u.s. security and world peace. the first indication of the underground test came when seismologists detected a tremor in an area that is not known for earthquakes into in jerusalem, ten women detained at the western wall. one of them happens to be the sister of comedian sarah silverman. police detained rabbi silverman praying at the wall wearing a prayer shawl only worn by men. they were released several hours later. i don't care much for people who use religion as a cloak to justify hatred, injustice and fear and i can't imagine god, should he or she or it exist,
12:35 pm
does either. i am so proud of my sister and niece for nighting for what they believe in, by having nerve to pray at a wall of prayer while being female. sara sidner is joining us in jerusalem. plain to us the significance of this, being at the wailing wall and what women are wearing and where they are praying. why does that matter? >> reporter: look, it's the most holy jewish site for prayer and basically what these women want is equal access to all of the nominations and those who want to practice their religion at the wall. basically they have been doing this for the past two decades. this is not a new act by these women. they call themselves women of the wall. they go down, wear the shawls, pray at the wall and they say they should be allowed to do that. the high court has put out a ruling basically saying they can go down to the property but the government has made a separate area that is not at the wall but
12:36 pm
just on the property where the wall exists that they say, yes, these women can go and wear the prayer shawls there and do their praying there but not at the wall itself. and the wem say that's discriminatory. they have been doing this for 20 years and say for 24 years they've been able to do it with the ushers pushing them out from the western wall. now they say, over the past couple of years, police have gotten involved in a heavy way that they have been detained more than 40 people detained, and one person arrested and that's the leader of the women on the wall organization. and, by the way, she had no idea who sarah silverman was. she only found out after she found news reports her sister had been detained alongside her. >> silverman's the one with the dark hair and the one with the glasses is the niece of the comedian. yes it is getting more pub list publicity because of her sister tweeting about this. do we expect this is going to continue? it's a movement that's happened now.
12:37 pm
>> absolutely. it's been going on for more than two decades and the women of the wall say it will continue to go on. it doesn't matter who joins them. they're going to continue to press the issue. and certainly you'll start seeing more items heading to the courts as well. >> now more publicity because of her sister. all right. thanks. appreciate it. if you haven't seen "les mis" yet, if you didn't catch it in the theaters catch a sneak peek on youtube courtesy of south korean military troops putting on their own spin on this classic. ♪g r for investors like you? tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 schwab bank was built with all the value and convenience tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 investors want. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 like no atm fees, worldwide. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and no nuisance fees. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 plus deposit checks with mobile deposit. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and manage your cash and investments tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 with schwab's mobile app. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 no wonder schwab bank has grown to over 70 billion in assets. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550
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all right. this is one of those gotta see videos a parody of "les mis."
12:41 pm
more than 3 million folks have watched this. this has gone viral. explain there is to us. first you don't quite get it, then you get it. >> right. you do. all i have to say is, watch out gangnam style. but so the story line, it plays off, a parody which plays off of les miserables. it translates to military. the story line of this parody revolves around a south korean air force member who longs to see his girlfriend but instead, day in, day out, tasked with this arduous duty of shoveling snow, which is common in the south korean army -- air force, as well, but the thing is 3 million hits in less than a week and the median content division of the south korean air force released this video. it's blown up online. incredible. >> let's watch a little bit of that. ♪
12:42 pm
>> tell us why -- tell us why this has hit a nerve there. why people love this. >> the video itself was made to be a morale booster because, as we know, tensions are very high right now. and a lot of these military servicemen and air force men are on standby. this, i want to point out, listening to voices, this is the creme de la creme of the air force and they picked -- hand-picked the singers and the actors. these are not professional singers and actors. the video itself was made in three days. >> wow. 13 minute long. >> they have to -- so if they're not serving they have to shovel snow. a lot of snow and they have to shovel the snow.
12:43 pm
they should have there here, don't you think? >> we had a huge blizzard. get more snow shoveled here. >> the plmilitary would. fascinating. what else? >> i want to point ut something o out from the agency, they commented and said the parody version well illustrates one of the most hated tasks among the soldier. many served on the units and they hate snow because of bad memories of endless shoveling to clear the so-called waste from the sky. >> sometimes we feel that way, too. a ton of snow, you've got to clear it somebody's got to do it, it's the military. thank you. really fun. for all of the wrestling fans out there, sorry about this. one of the oldest sports in the world might be scrubbed from the summer olympics. we'll tell you why. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit.
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>> wrestling at olympic might be a thing of the past. recommended dropping wrestling as a sport from the summer games and joins baseball and karate which must fight for to be included in the 2020 games. in sydney, australia, there's a 5k race like no other. it is called the color run. collect it out. runners are pelted with colored powder. this happens on stops along the
12:47 pm
course. looks cool, actually. the race held in sydney's olympic park, 2000 games were held, done to raise money for charity. love it. india going crazy for gold. it's in huge demand for culturalle events, personal status and investment as well. all of the lust for gold creating unwanted economic side effects. >> reporter: this 24-year-old is preparing for her wedding. she says a bride won't look the part without it. indians are gluttons for gold and gifted at weddings, births, festivals. many people also use it to hedge against india's high inflation and consider it a safer bet than the stock market. plus, it's a lot easier for the indian public, most of which doesn't have access to a bank to buy a peace of gold than it is to invest in a financial
12:48 pm
instrument. this is mumbai's famous jewelry market and all of these little stores here sell gold. remember india doesn't produce any gold domestically and has to import all of it. the cost for that, $56 billion last year. that's one of the main reasons india's fiscal deficit ballooned last year. it put the rupee under pressure, slowed growth and left a finance minister concerned. >> i may add that we may be left with no choice but to make it a little more expensive to import gold. >> reporter: he then raised the import tax on gold for the third time in a year. this time, hiking it from 4% to 6%. industry insiders say that's likely to cause an increase in illegal smuggling into india, but they also don't think legal imports will come down. and even if gold ends up being more expensive, they say consumers will still want it. >> gold is the commodity which
12:49 pm
has paid you ten times in properties also the recession is there, stocks also, the index, you can see from last couple of years. nobody's got much return on the investment besides gold. >> reporter: it's been good for the retailer. but according to this economist, money spent on gold is a drag on the economy. according to estimates, indians put away about 20,000 tons of gold and jewelry, coins, and bars. >> because the savings have gone into gold so much more, the financial savings have begun to deplete and those have caused reasons for structural liquidity in the banking system getting lower because nobody's preferring as many people to deposit that money in banks rather than, you know, utilize that money in buying and investing in gold, which is a nonproductive asset. >> reporter: but try telling that to indian consumers like
12:50 pm
alfia, who is trying on another piece of jewelry. she says buying gold is a tradition in india, one that few are willing to give up. malika kapur, cnn, mumbai. >> think about rio's carnival dancers you don't expect to find a mormon from oregon unfeathers and sequins. amazing story from one of the biggest carneys in the world.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
in rio de janeiro a mormon woman from oregon found herself in the spotlight after this year's carnival. shasta darlington's got the unusual story. >> reporter: tiny, jeweled bikinis and gyrating hits what you expect from rio de janeiro's raucous carnival but not from a mormon born and raised in oregon. she and her friends apply glitter and baby oil before they climb on the three-story float depicting noah's ark. >> our platform heels and tiny costumes. climbing up to line up along the top of noah's ark and this is my head dress. >> reporter: on top they'll have to dance some but to a pounding beat for two or three hours. i asked what their biggest concern is. >> falling off actually.
12:54 pm
>> it's quite high. >> reporter: before the parade revisited mandy at a gym where she took samba lessons for eight months, learning to dance in platforms and swing her hips like a pro. mandy's husband, an american businessman transferred to rio less then a year ago and she soon discovered the classes. first she was more interested in the workout involved. but that changed. >> taking samba lessons gave me a way to inverse myself into the culture and practice portuguese and mind ways to connect with brazil. >> reporter: when her teacher said she was good enough to parade she signed up but got a look at costume. >> my gosh, my parents are going to kill me. >> reporter: a million tourists come town, the big attraction is the parade. the moment that mandy has been waiting for and training for for eight months. ahead, she's going to head into
12:55 pm
and parade into n. front of 72,000 people and millions around the globe. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: shasta darlington, cnn, rio de janeiro. >> good for her. i'm going to try that, too. all right. this is, well i don't know what you think, romantic to downright tortuous, check this out. a kissing contest. taking place right now, this is in thailand where last year a couple kissed locked lips for more than 50 hours. can you do that? 50 hours. some of the ones that push mutual funds with their names on them -- aren't. why? because selling their funds makes them more money. which makes you wonder -- isn't that a conflict? am i in the best fund for me, or them? search "proprietary mutual funds".
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[ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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let's take a look at what is trending around the world right now. in thailand, this is all about kissing. lip lock. contestants in a kissing contest couples see who they can smooch the longest. lock lips for more than 50 hours. they hope to break the world record. good luck. for those who believe in signs from above, check out this. this is awesome. incredible picture. lightning striking the vatican. news photographer captured this eerie moment last night during a bad storm. this was just hours after the pope announced his resignation.
12:59 pm
lightning hitting the dome of st. peters basilica two times. the photographer caught that incredible shot. now to some candid moments around the world. these half-naked women topless outside the notre dame cathedral in paris to celebrate the pope's resignation. part of the women's right group called fem end. you can see the words "pope no more" written on their backs. hindu pilgrims bathing in the river to be holy. it's the largest religious gathering in the world. some 100 million people are going to gather throughout next month. and in japan, this is kind of cool. look closely to understand what this is. this is a 25-year-old turtle. he swims with new artificial front legs. i kid you not, artificial legs. she lost her legs during a shark
1:00 pm
attack. that's a turtle with artificial legs. this is "cnn newsroom." i'm suzanne malveaux. more than 4,000 people now stuck on a carnival cruise ship. some passengers saying conditions absolutely gross. sewage filling hallways, all of the people stuck, not much food, water. not many working toilets as well. the ship is finally now on the move, we understand. tugboats towing it to mobile, alabama, originally headed to a port in mexico but strong currents pushed it 90 miles north. the coast guard cutter, vigorous, is escorting the ship. we've got the ship's commander on the phone with us now. commander mcgee, thank you for joining us here. when did you arrive to the cruise ship? when did you actually get there? >> we got on scene around 11:00
1:01 pm
p.m. sunday evening. 11:00 p.m. sunday evening. what was the condition of the passengers? >> we did not go on board the vessel when we got there. it was at night. the vessel was lit similarly to a regular cruise ship lighting at night. we knew they were on emergency power and we were able to discuss the situation with the master of the vessel. >> you're pulling the cruiser at this point, is that right? >> we are not towing the ship. we have two commercial tugs on scene conducting the tow right now. >> and is there anybody able to get on board the cruise ship to assess how passengers are doing? >> right now, we have not had anyone other than carnival employees and the safety and comfort of their passengers is carnival's responsibility. we have been on scene monitoring
1:02 pm
the situation and providing assistance, if necessary. we have not gone on board the vessel. >> okay. what is your understanding from those you've spoken to about the situation on the scene and the conditions of the passengers, because we've been talking to folks and they say it's really pretty dismal at this point that people are literally vomiting because of the odor on the ship, toilets aren't working and people fighting over sense. anybody communicating to you of how people are doing on the cruise ship? >> we have not communicated with anyone on board the cruise ship other than the master of the triumph. when we've driven by with a small boat we've seen people on deck on the balconies. we have not been able to assess their level of comfort on board. we determined right now that's the safest place to get them to the next port. >> where is the next port? where are you headed? >> we're headed to mobile,
1:03 pm
alabama. the original plan, as mentioned was to go to progreso, mexicoing but the current pushed the ship 70 miles to the north and the currents are helping us to get to mobile faster than progresso. >> long will it take before you get to mobile? >> right now my job will be to get them to close to port as possible. i will turn it over to a local coast guard unit in mobile, alabama. they will get people pier side and customs and border protukz will go through quicken tri procedures and passengers will be free to leave, that will be up to carnival. >> what is the timetable here? a lot of people very ankh hxiou get to people on board. when do you think this will arrive in mobile, alabama? >> right now, they're making between five and eight miles per hour during the tow. the tow is a complex one. subject to the winds and
1:04 pm
current. the triumph itself -- the tugs on scene are doing a great job of keeping it moving north. we're hoping around the late afternoon, early evening of the 13th. but worst-case scenario, if we had a big change in the winds, it could be the morning of the 14th. >> so that's either thursday or friday, is that right? late thursday, early friday? >> wednesday, late wednesday, early thursday. >> wednesday and thursday. got my dates there. thank you very much. we'll be following closely where the ship's moving and the condition of passengers on board. finally on the move there. we know a lot of folks pretty upset, anxious, about what is taking place. what one woman actually on that ship says, of course, that the crew members are doing their best, right to help. but it's pretty bad to be stuck on that ship. >> there's raw sewage, pretty
1:05 pm
bad. entering the hallways you have to cover your face. we don't have any masks for breathing. it's disgusting. it's the worst thing ever. everything is so horrible. it was leaking by the window and in our bathroom. it's in our carpet. it is coming through the bathroom, through the wall. our carpet is soaked. we had to move all of our stuff out. pulled our mattress off of our bed. sleeping on the third level on the deck outside. way out of the way. out of 3,000 people, at least half are outside, maybe more. no air-conditioning inside. we are on the deck. people -- the only people staying in rooms are upper levels of the balconies. otherwise there's no way to stay
1:06 pm
in the room. the staff is doing a really good job. under control as far as keeping the food coming, drinks. only food on the top of the ship. it's inconvenient. there's only really a couple of lines, it takes 3 1/2 hours to get your food. cold cuts, fruit, bread, boxed cereal, and water and sodas. and they just opened the bar to give people free beer and wine. tonight, i hope they have better food because four carnival ships have stopped on their way and restocked supplies but we're not sure. they're doing the best they can with letting us know what's going on. it's very delayed. it's a lot of what ifs. a lot of speculation and rumors going around. everybody is trying to do the best they can. >> i can only imagine what that is like to be on board that
1:07 pm
cruise ship under those conditions. you know we've heard from a lot of folks, family members on the ship, have been tweeting about this all day. clint, 76, tweeted this after hearing from his wife. we don't have power at all and it means we cannot wash our hands, take a shower or even use the toilets. just talked to a co-worker who is on that cruise. she said there are very long lines for food and bathrooms. so rooms running out of toilet paper. my wife said it was pretty scary during the fire evacuation. they were permitted back down into the cabins after a while but it's so hot that you cannot even sleep down there. so they have to set up a makeshift tent over deck loungers to sleep in. of course we'll be monitoring all of this, the tweets and social media coming in from that ship. as soop as we get it we'll be following. the president giving the
1:08 pm
state of the union address tonight. we're told he's going to focus on the economy as well as the deadline for the these across the board spending cuts that could happen. the president going to build on themes. also from the inaugural address, themes that he's hoping will define his legacy. >> we believe that america's prosperity must rest upon the broad shoulders of a rising middle class. >> reporter: on inauguration day president obama laid out his ambitious vision for the next four years, from fighting climate change. >> we will respond to the threat of climate change. knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations. >> reporter: to reducing the deficit and saving safety net programs. >> the commitments we make to each other through medicare, medicaid, social security, they do not sap our initiative, they strengthen us. >> reporter: to immigration policy and gun control. the president set out a vision of a country with less inequality and more justice.
1:09 pm
>> for we, the people, understand that our country cannot succeed when a shrinking few do very well in a growing many barely make it. >> reporter: the president's top advisers say he spoke of broad themes but plans to put meat on the bones for the state of the union address. presidential historians say mr. obama will work to define his legacy in the next four years. >> so you have to figure out ways that you can accomplish things and go directionally in the way you're going, realizing that time is an enemy. get as much done as you can, but don't overreach. >> reporter: it's a legacy the president partially fulfilled during his first term in office by passing the health care law extending health care coverage to millions of uninsured, enacting consumer protections, wall street reforms, coming out in support of gay marriage, protecting the middle class from income tax raises when the
1:10 pm
fiscal cliff hit and ending the war in iraq with promises to tend in afghanistan. a big part of the legacy will be the first african-american president a legacy that some critics say should make him more sensitive to a problem that affects most americans -- p pover poverty. half of all americans are living in poverty or near poverty. >> in the end, he has not had the kind of commitment that i think he ought to have especially if he had the same commitment to poor people that he had to the investment bankers we'd be in better shape. >> reporter: the president and the nation needs to do even more to follow her father's vision. >> i'd like to see more emphasis placed on poverty in our nation and how do we really address our economy where all people can have an opportunity to thrive and to do their best. >> reporter: if the president's inaugural speech tells us anything, his next four years
1:11 pm
may well be more focused on his fight for working class americans. >> we understand that programs are inned aiate to the needs of our time. we must harness new ideas and technologies to revamp our tax code, reform our schools and empower citizens with the skills they need to work harder, learn more, reach higher. >> joining me now, white house communications director jennifer paul mary. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> tell us about what we expect to hear from the president. first of all, news that 34,000 u.s. troops will be home from afghanistan by this time next year. yes? >> yes, that's true. he will -- i won't get too far ahead of him. we have confirmed that he will be making that news, but beyond that, we'll let him speak to it. >> what is the main gist tonight? anything that might surprise folks? >> i don't want to raise expectations too high but we have a few surprises.
1:12 pm
the president thinks the most important question before the country now how to create more jobs good for the middle class, how to build on progress we've made to help the economy. so he will lay out initiatives that are designed to do that. you know, as he talked about in his inaugural he thinks that the middle class is the engine of economic growth. in order to have sustained economic growth you need to have the thriving middle class. you'll see initiatives designed to do that and create jobs and the areas of infrastructure and education and manufacturing and energy. so you know we're looking to answer the question in the state of the union, what do we need to do to bring more jobs to our shores, to make sure that we have the skilled workforce we need for those jobs and what do we need to make sure that americans who work hard are able to make a decent living. >> tell us about the guests that
1:13 pm
have been invited by the first la lady and by the president. it's fascinating almost because we're going it see a cultural debate play out there where you've got folks who have been victims of gun violence and those advocating for gun rights. >> well, you know i guess that's what democracy's all. but in the fst lady's box, you'll see a representation of americans that reflect the issues the president's going to talk about in his speech. so we do have victims of gun violence, hadiya's parents will be in box. >> the girl slain in chicago, yes. the girl killed in chicago. >> who had performed for the president. inaugural, her family will be here with other victims of gun violence. you'll see people working on immigration reform, people that have been working to help bring jobs back to the u.s., companies
1:14 pm
that helped bring jobs back to the u.s. it will reflect priorities that are in his speech. >> a lot of folks watching tonight. thank you very much. also going to talk with presidential historian douglas brinkley about what he's going to listen for in the state of the union speech and what to expect to hear from the president come up in 15 minutesr k on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone but her likes 50% more cash, but i have an idea. do you want a princess dress? yes. cupcakes? yes. do you want an etch-a-sketch? yes! do you want 50% more cash? no. you got talent. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. what's in your wallet? i usually say that. it's lots of things. all waking up. connecting to the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪
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hurry. $14.95 won't last. in his state of the union speech, the president will announce 34,000 u.s. troops will be home from afghanistan by this time next year. jake tapper broke the news. and i talked to him last year about winding down the war in na country. >> reporter: i think it certainly ramps up the pressure on the leaders of afghanistan, specifically the military leaders, afghan national army, the afghan border patrol, these individuals will have fewer american troops to patrol with them, to lead them, that's i guess the purpose of it, is to ramp up the pressure to make sure afghter ready to take contl for security of their own country. when i was in afghanistan in 2011 one of the big concerns from troops and officers there with whom i spoke was not so
1:18 pm
much whether or not the afghan soldiers and security officials would be ready, but whether there was enough -- whether there was going to be enough logistical support, whether or not the nonsexy part of military operations, resupplies, medevacs, making sure troops have enough food, water, ammunition, whether that was going to be up to speed. from what i understand that is an area of concern though it's not spoken about all that much. >> after the drawdown of 34,000 troops, senior administration officials say more reductions will continue throughout next year. north korea raising the stakes in its nuclear showdown with the rest of the world. north korea announcing today it set off a new underground nuclear test. it was more powerful than the two previous tests carried out in 2006 and 2009. world leaders, you can imagine, quick to condemn all of this, as well as the united nations, u.s.
1:19 pm
ambassador susan rice. >> countries around the world, including every member of the security council, agree that this test was an extremely regrettable act that further undermines international peace and security, as well as that of the region. >> the latest nuclear test by north korea, it is the first under the leader of kim jong-un, came when seismologists detected a tremor in an area not known for earthquakes. now the cia and pentagon are trying to learn much, much more about what happened in that test. want to bring in our pentagon correspondent, barbara starr. what have we learned from this? tell us what happened. >> reporter: well, you know, as you said, right now the intelligence community, the military, has to figure out what they know, what they suspect happened. think of this as csi north korea but not being able to go to the scene of the crime. what they're looking at is that seismic activity and trying to
1:20 pm
work their way backwards as to what happened. they believe now that this was, of course, an underground nuclear test, possibly several kilotons. but they need to get better analysis, they need to get air sampling, see what is now released into the atmosphere, and try and assess from all of that what happened. once they know that, the next set of questions, the next part of the investigation, how did north korea pull it off? where did they get help? did they get help? did they have the technology, the engineering expertise, fabrication to really do there is? and finally if they really did it, and it is a miniaturized test, as they claim, that's a huge concern that they might be able to put a nuclear device on the front end of a missile. >> explain that. explain that to us. what does that mean miniaturized nuclear test. >> reporter: this is the real key to a nuclear weapons program. if you can miniaturize a nuclear device, make it small enough to
1:21 pm
put on the front end of a missile and put that missile on a target, then of course that turns north korea from a rogue state into an actual strategic threat in the region and possibly to the united states. they had a successful missile test in december. if they now have a successful miniaturization test and they can put the two of them together, that make them a much more significant threat, as bad as the threat may already be. >> thank you for explaining that, barbara. president obama will deliver his first state of the union address of his second term tonight. how's it going to be different this time? we'll take a look. i'm up next, but now i'm singing the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. ♪ oh what a relief it is! executor of efficiency. you can spot an amateur from a mile away... while going shoeless and metal-free in seconds.
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1:24 pm
tonight the state of the union address, the president's expected to announce further u.s. troop withdrawals from afghanistan. a senior administration official says that 34,000 u.s. troops going to be home by this time next year, reducing the number of forces in the country by more than half. the president's also expected to talk about the economy, making the case for tax reform and economic equality. well last year during the state of the union address the president said the word "job" 42
1:25 pm
times. we ran the text of the speech, the word cloud, collect it out. see the weight that jobs had in the speech. and let's check it out. 2 million jobs have been added to the u.s. economy, that is the last state of the union address. the unemployment rate, it has drifted down to 7.9%. that is from 10% at the peak and white house spokesman jay carney's explaining what all of this means. >> the economy's poised to continue to grow, to continue to build on the progress we've made, to continue to build on the job creation that we've achieved over 6.1 million jobs created by our businesses over the past 35, 36 months. >> all right. so that's the white house line. if you do a quick fact check, it is true, the private sector has been creating jobs for 35 months. 6.1 million new positions in that time but reality check is a little bit different here. we are down more than 3 million
1:26 pm
jobs since the recession began back in december of 2007. tonight's speech of course a chance for the president to get his agenda set for the second term. tell us what he would like to accomplish. author and presidential historian douglas brinkley joining us. good to see you. we'll be watching closely what the president says. inauguration day, his speech, he focused a lot on social issues. he talked about immigration, gun control, gay rights, as priorities for the second term. i know he's going to talk about the state of the economy tonight. how much control does he really have on the recovery? >> well, look, i mean this is your exactly right, the book end to the inaugural speech and as you mentioned, the inaugural's all about social justice. and it framed barack obama in terms of being behind the women's rights movement, gay rights, civil rights. this is going to be the jobs state of the union. we are now in march, by march 1,
1:27 pm
heading into a huge sequester situation. and the president's going to have to address that and he's going to have to explain where are the new jobs going to come from. it's a lot of we've made a lot of progress but we're not quite there yet in that regard. the winding down of afghanistan, as mentioned, will be connecting to the fact we'll have to do defense cuts to get our deficit under control. >> the sequester situation, remind them the huge automatic cuts that would take effect including the military if there's not a deal worked out with the deficit and the budget. explain to us, tonight, what kind of tone what are you watching for, the tone, body language, the olive branch he throws out to republicans in terms of you know what the real message is going to be? >> well, since the television started covering the state of the union since harry truman, these have become now spectacles. it's grand theater. looking at the atmospherics and the gun control issue will be
1:28 pm
brought into tonight. there's already reports of gabby giffords being there and ted nugent in the audience and the camera pans. keep in mind when jefferson did a state of the union he would write it he wouldn't deliver it. fdr started tradition of delivering it. but now you're going to find with tv, barack obama's talking to you, the viewer, not really to his colleagues in washington. >> do you think he'll actually offer an olive branch to the republicans? >> the republicans are going to be sitting on their hands most of the night. you'll hear them applaud loudly when troops are evoked and they'll be waiting for marco rubio to make his response. rubio's on the cover of "time" magazine as new hope for the gop. bobby jindal had an opportunity to respond to obama and blew it a couple of years ago. people will be looking to see how rubio does tonight. >> a spectacle, as always. when you look at cutaways and
1:29 pm
see half of the room is standing and half of the room is sitting on their hands, kind of a strange situation. have you ever seen it where you have this many representatives who represent a cultural issue like gun control, like gabby giffords, i know the parents of the young chicago girl who was slain is a guest of the first lady, and of course the gun rights guys, nugent included, ever see anything like that play out in this kind of state of the union audience before? to this extent? >> i've never seen it play out quite to this extent where you're having the most high-profile advocates on both sides of a tragedy, newtown, which the president mentioned in his inaugural, and i believe he'll mention again tonight. he's trying to ratchet this up as urgent issue. but to see the panaways to people folk heros in america, other sides of the issue, is kind of a surreal thing to do and it tells you how the evolution of the state of the
1:30 pm
unions, how it's about messaging and media more than it is about the president reporting on the state of the nation to congress. >> i agree. douglas, we'll be watching closely. thanks for joining us. appreciate it. not one but two republicans as douglas mentioned are going to give responses to the state of the union address. florida senator marco rubio going to deliver the official gop response to the president. rubio's seen as a rising star for many in the party. paul rand from kentucky could steal some of the spotlight. he's delivering the tea party reaction. both sides set to be trending carefully. senator rand says dueling responses are not going to divide the republicans. and today, quick look at the top three videos on number three, a video of animation of a nuclear test carried out by north korea today. number two, video of brandt nutt whose wife is stranded on the
1:31 pm
cruise ship. he says that his wife told him, quote, i don't want to die. number one most popular video on today, look at him. this little guy. he's colin. he's the son of arm staff sergeant clint romesha who was awarded the medal of honor yesterday. he stole the show. such a cutie. look at him. there he goes. remember, you can watch other popular video using cnn live on your computer, while at work, deadat tery need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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so we have good news for more than 4,000 people who are stuck aboard that crippled cruise ship in the gulf of mexico. just talked to the coast guard command who are is escorting the ship to port in alabama. he says they could be there as early as wednesday evening.
1:35 pm
tugboats are towing that ship right now. they were heed to port in progresso mexico but the winds shifted north. the ship's been without power since a fire that broke out on sunday. passengers are telling us really horror stories about the overflowing toilets, no air-conditioning, fights over food and all of that. so we wish them the best. the search goes on as well for the former lapd officer, christopher dorner. he is accused of killing a cop, two other people as well. authorities have now offered a $1 million reward. so far the trail has gone cold. surveillance video of dorner from two days before the shootings show him shopping for scuba gear at a sporting goods store. the jazz world i mourning the death of donald byrd a trumpet play who helped start the hard bop movement of the '50s. listen. ♪
1:36 pm
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a quick check of the markets there, the dow at more than 14,000. you might remember recently closing above the 14,000 mark for the first time since 2007. also tale end of the earnings season. new highs tempting folks to get back into the market, starten vesting again. but like me and many others if you've been burned by the market over the last five years maybe you don't know how. ali velshi, christine romans have ideas on how to speak money. >> in case you live in a cave, you might not know stocks are chasing their all-time highs. look at s&p 500, up 7% so far this year. so a lot of you are starting to put money back to mark. investors are greedier than ever. and as warren buffett likes to say, be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful. should you get in here or get out here? >> it's the wrong question because what i have been telling you for years, and you've been telling people, put your money
1:40 pm
in the market on a consistent basis. if you've got money in savings accounts you're losing money because interest rates are not keeping up with -- this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally. try align. it's the number one ge recommended probiotic c" that helps maintain digestive balance.
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♪ stay in the groove with align. ♪ need help keeping your digestive balance in sync? try align. it's a probiotic that fortifies your digestive system with healthy bacteria 24/7. because your insides set the tone. stay in the groove with align.
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1:43 pm
let's than an hour from now in washington, the senate armed services committee is debating chuck hagel's nomination as defense secretary. they're going to vote after they finish those talks. harry reid says the full senate could vote on the nomination as early as tomorrow. hagel, the former republican senator from nebraska, faces some strong opposition from his fellow republicans. also on capitol hill, the judiciary committee holding a hearing on gun violence. it's the second hearing since
1:44 pm
the december shootings in newtown, connecticut. witnesses from both sides of the debate are testifying on the constitutionality of new gun laws. and arkansas, people will be able to bring guns into church. state house members have overwhelmingly passed a bill that allows concealed guns to be carried in churches and other houses of worship. the arkansas senate passed it last week. the governor plans to sign the bill in noo law. and of course, if you're sitting at home watching tv, a warning about zombies, rising out of the grave comes on, well it happened. we're going to tell you why.
1:45 pm
1:46 pm
1:47 pm
imagine this, a warning goes over the emergency system saying that a zombie apocalypse is about to happen. well, this happened when hackers broke into a montana tv station's alert system with the following warning saying, the dead are rising from their graves and attacking the living. dan simon, what happened here? clearly a bunch of hackers got into the system and successfully pulled off something that could have turned out really pretty badly. >> reporter: well, you know, this is quite the talker today, as you might expect. some people say it's the best prank of all time others say it's the worst prank. this is kr-tv, great falls, montana, the cbs station, airing the steve wilkos syndicated tv
1:48 pm
show when the emergency alert system goes off and this is what viewers saw. take a look. >> authorities in your area have reported that the bodies of the dead are rising from their graves and attacking the living. follow the messages onscreen that will be updated as information becomes available. do not attempt to approach or apprehend these bodies as they are considered extremely dangerous. >> reporter: yeah, it's called the zombie apocalypse. the message said dead bodies are rising from the graves. this went on for quite a bit. the station put ow a statement. let's read this to you. apparent someone hacked into the emergency alert system and announced on krtv and the cw
1:49 pm
there was an emergency in several montana counties. this message did not originate from krtv and there is no emergency. our engineers are investigating to determine what happened and if it affected other media outlets. turns out, suzanne, it did affect other outlets. this happened in michigan, to a couple of stations there, the same thing going on. somebody figures out how to hack into the emergency alert system and wreaking havoc on a few stations across the country. amazing stuff. the michigan association of broadcasters tell us that nothing like this has ever happened before. >> did anybody buy it? was anybody worried about zombie zombies? >> reporter: you know what? believe it or not a bunch of people called the station and said they were frightened, believe it or not. were they actually frightened? who knows but it did prompt a lot of phone calls. and, by the way, as you might
1:50 pm
expect, the authorities are looking into this. >> dan, thank you very much. the zombies are not taking over. appreciate it. here's what we're working on for this this hour. 42 and fabulous. naomi campbell sitting down with cnn to talk about the catwalk.
1:51 pm
in chicago, two young men go before a judge today facing murder charges. police say they killed hadiya pendleton on a playground, days after she performed at president obama's inauguration parade. she was shot a mile north of the obamas' home in chicago. ted rowland joins us from the courthouse. ted, first of all, what do we know about these guys and how were they caught? >> well, suzanne, we just left the bond area here, michael ward, 18-year-old michael ward and 20-year-old kenneth
1:52 pm
williams. in the hearing we learned more about the case against them. first off, the judge did not release them on bond. they are on no bond situation. so they will be in custody until their next court appearance. but what we're learning from prosecutors in front of this prosecutor, laid out the case, they say that ward, the 18-year-old, confessed on videotape to them with specifics about circling this park where she and her friends were after school, after they finished their final exams and believing that one of the rival gang members, to their gang, was in this group. he said, according to police, and according to prosecutors, he got out of the car, with a gun, and opened fire into this crowd of people, hitting her in the back once and that would be, of course, a fatal wound to her. the judge listened to prosecutors lay out their case and then didn't take very long to say no bail for either one of
1:53 pm
these gentlemen. >> michael ward has confessed and indicated that hadiyah was not the intended target. in fact, the defendants had it all wrong. they thought the group they shot into included members of a rival gang. instead, it was a group of upstanding, determined kids who were repulsed by the gang lifestyle. >> now, a superintendent gary mccarthy last night at a press conference announcing the arrest of michael ward and kenneth williams. her parents were not here. they're in washington. they will be at the state of the union tonight as guests of the obamas. however, there were friends of her family here and when it was announced there would be no bail, one of them raised his fist in the courtroom and after which said he'll be calling her parents to tell them the news and that they're very pleased these young men were not let out. >> ted, do we have any sense of whether or not they have actually gotten the news about
1:54 pm
these two young men and how they feel about it? >> we don't know how they feel about it. the sense is that they definitely know that what has happened. the gentlemen who were in court representing the pendleton family were immediately going to be leaving and calling them in washington and letting them know exactly what happened in court. we did hear from them earlier today, on cnn, and they said that they were very pleased with the arrests. obviously heart broken with the loss of their daughter, her father told the chicago tribune learning of the arrest, first time, smile d. >> ted rowlands, thank you very much. we know the parents will be in fact -- or are planning to attend the president's state of the union speech tonight. we'll be back with more after a quick break. 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day 50+.
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experience serious allergic reactions such as body rash, trouble with breathing, fast heartbeat, or sweating. flexpen® is insulin delivery my way. covered by most insurance plans, including medicare. find your co-pay cost at ask your health care provider about novolog® flexpen today look at this, the models on the catwalk demonstrating how feminine the influence of men's fashion can be from dresses to trousers, coats, and accented by men's styled hats. and even footwear. not every day you get to sit down with someone on top of the fashion world. but alina cho sat down with naomi campbell, nothing but fabulous at 42. take a look. >> reporter: naomi campbell puts
1:57 pm
the superer in supermodel. through it all, campbell manages to make virtually every appearance -- >> you look gorgeous. >> reporter: -- look like a catwalk. >> i had a colorful life. >> reporter: a professional life that started at age 5. ♪ as an extra in this bob marley video. discovered as a face at age 14, she soon started modeling, and in short order landed a series of firsts. first black model on the cover of "time," french "vogue," british "vogue" and seen here on the cover of italian "vogue". >> we also built a reputation. sometimes being a little difficult to work with. >> my lateness was terrible. but i get there and i get the job done. so i never believed in giving an excuse. >> reporter: no excuses, no regrets. does it upset you that people still bring up -- >> not at all.
1:58 pm
>> reporter: the cell phone? >> not at all. i feel like i've grown from it. but it doesn't upset me. >> reporter: so much so, after 26 years in the modeling business, fabulous at 42, campbell is now taking on another role, star and executive producer of a new reality tv show. >> i don't want any fights amongst you. >> reporter: part "america's top model," part "the voice," "the face" pits campbell's team of aspiring models against two other teams, coached by supermodels. the winner lands a national beauty contract. like any good reality show, there is drama. >> i wanted this to be authentic. so that meant picking up the phone and asking for these favors. >> reporter: from people like --
1:59 pm
>> stephano. >> reporter: how is it that we get older and she stays the same. >> she has the right genes, i would say. >> reporter: some say the face shows the naomi that her friends know. >> i love the older wiser naomi. i loved the young wild naomi. i love naomi because i know her, her heart and soul. >> reporter: in an industry that is fickle, campbell is both a supermodel and a survivor. ailelina cho, cnn, new york. again, the face starts tonight on oxygen network at 9:00 eastern. you can watch alina's special here on cnn. valentine's day a couple of days away. we have a challenge for you. send us a valentine video for someone you love. use vine, twitter's new video sharing application. post your video


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